About MyCityDentist.com

Our Mission

MyCityDentist.com is a service dedicated to helping you and your family find the best local dentist for all your dental care. It’s so easy as we take care of the booking process for you! ​ When you call us at 1-866- 349-0642, we'll quickly identify best fit dentist in your area that meets your dental needs and help you get an appointment confirmed ASAP!. ​ Our pre-screened dental clinics can assist with a broad range of dental procedures and services including but not limited to routine check check- ups, cleanings, fillings, root canals, braces, crowns, extractions, implants, dentures, pediatrics, cosmetics and sleep dentistry to name a few. Our team dental team is knowledgeable of the various specialties that our partnering dentists offer. This means that your specific need can be addressed by a dentist best suited for that type of dental treatment. Whether you're covered by insurance or paying out of pocket, MyCityDentist.com will find the right dentist for you in the least amount of time. We take pride in ensuring your dental needs are met by finding you the right match! Give us a call today!